Gabby and Brad’s Willow Farm Wedding / September 2019

A few weeks post wedding and a few days after returning from our honeymoon and we have come back to reality and wanted to reach out and give yourself and your whole team a huge THANK YOU!

Firstly, the food was AMAZING! We have guests still talking about the food, some relatives trying to recreate the slow roasted lamb shoulder and we just made a Shepard’s pie with the leftover lamb and pumpkin we froze before we left for our honeymoon… still salivating and drooling over it.

All of your staff were so wonderful, attentive and helpful on the day and night too! The gale force winds didn’t even deter them and they helped manage it so well with having to change plans. They checked in with us to make sure we had eaten enough food and had a full glass.

Food and feasting always brings families and people together and we are so glad that it was a highlight for so many of our guests and for us too of our wedding.

We will definitely be passing on your details to anyone else we know hosting a wedding or an event down the South Coast.

Warm regards,
Gabby & Brad Warner xx